Traffic Ticket Myths

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Traffic Ticket Myths

The Police Officer made a spelling error on the ticket! Is that enough to have it thrown out?

Not usually. The courts have a fairly broad power to amend mistakes such as this. In order to have your ticket thrown out, the mistake on the ticket must be something that falls into the category of a “fatal error”.  Speak with a Ticket Shield representative to discuss whether or not your ticket has any errors sufficient enough to possibly have it withdrawn.


If the Police Officer does not show up, my ticket is automatically withdrawn, right?

Not necessary. Depending on the reason why the police officer was unable to attend, the prosecutor may ask to have the trial adjourned to another.

Beyond that, the courts now schedule the trial dates around the schedule of the police officer involved. They are paid to attend court, and they generally do. Years ago it was much more common for tickets to be withdrawn due to the police officer not attending court.


If I pay the fine, can the charge still impact my insurance premiums?

Absolutely. By paying the fine you are pleading guilty and being convicted of the offence. This is registered on your driving record and the insurance companies often increase your rates because of it. 


The Police Officer MUST show me the reading on their radar/laser equipment, right? 

No. It is up to the discretion of the officer to decide whether or not to show the driver the reading on their equipment.