Our Guarantee

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What guarantees can you offer me if I hire Ticket Shield?

Years ago, traffic ticket defence firms used to offer “we win or your money back” guarantees. This changed after the Law Society of Ontario licensed paralegals in the province of Ontario.  On May 1, 2007, paralegals became regulated and this put an end to “guarantees” that were previously being offered. These types of guarantees are now against the rules set of by the Law Society. Not only that, but these old guarantees encouraged companies to just plead guilty to lesser charges, even when this was not the best option. If a company is offering you some sort of refund guarantee, make sure you read the “fine print” and find out what is really going on.

So what protection do you have now? The Law Society has extremely strict and specific regulations that govern the behavior of all lawyers and licensed paralegals. We are held to a very high standard and obligated to provide you with the best and most professional defence possible. We are required to review the specifics of your case with you, and create a plan to determine what is in your best interest.

Ticket Shield does offer a guarantee though. We guarantee that we will do everything that we possibly can to follow your instructions, provide you with the best defence available, and protect your interests using our education, knowledge and experience.